About Us

The Topdeck story started in 1973 when a young Aussie vet came up with the idea of using retired double decker buses to carry young travellers from London to Kathmandu. Since then, Topdeck has evolved enormously boasting a modern fleet of coaches (the old Deckers have peacefully retired), awesome routes and well-trained, dedicated Trip Leaders, Chefs and Drivers. You can travel with us all over Europe, Egypt, Morocco as well as embarking on a safari in Africa.

We are here to make your trip an unforgettable experience and we pride ourselves on giving you great service and excellent value for money. Over 98% of our previous passengers would recommend us to friends and family and a majority of our passengers do more than one trip with us.

We believe in the following Topdeck Rules

  1. "Don't waste your money on tips" - They are not expected
  2. "A well-fed traveller is a happy traveller" - We cater for all tastes
  3. "Know what your trip includes" - And more importantly what it doesn't.Our trips include loads
  4. "Everyone needs free time" - Explore on your own or not: your choice!
  5. "Variety is the spice of life" Choose from our various travel styles!
  6. "It's a trip, not a tour" - An individual travel experience with a group

Visit our main website to find out more about travelling with Topdeck.